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Printing Sounds

Audio waveforms made tangible.

The printing sounds project involved recording audio, editing the image of its waveform, and 3D printing them. This project was largely inspired by my working editing audio for a podcast. As I spent more and more time sorting through waveforms, they started to become a very personal language, which I could generally work out, but which others struggled with. I could tell what shapes were my name, and which were meaningless coughs and "umm"s. When I explained it to other people, they could understand, too. But to the uninitiated, it was static.

I've taught the printing sounds process as a workshop offered to the student body, which has now been attended by over 50 students over 3 separate classes. The Hub at Colgate University later took interest in this project, improved my documentation of it, and printed their own sounds:

LAI Soundwave by The Hub @ Colgate University on Sketchfab