Aubrey Simonson

I'm a first year graduate student at the MIT Media Lab, in the Fluid Interfaces group.

I'm primarily interested in virtual reality, through the lens of both traditional computer science and HCI, and media theory.

I'm interested in creating a grammar for interacting with virtual reality in an accessible, thought-through manner which works with the three-dimensionality of the medium, rather than trying to manage 3d spaces with fundamentally 2d tools, and which sees virtual reality as the most immersive storytelling medium currently available, rather than just a platform for video games.

× Projects Active and Future Projects

Bird Noticing

A virtual reality video game about bird watching.


A one-handed tool for controlling an arbitrary point in 3D space.

Anna Karenina Train

A historically accurate re-creation of the train from the novel in virtual reality.

Ceramics in Context

A hands-on exploration of the MFA's tea wares.


A digital representation of an analog library.

Virtual Learning Environments in Evolution, Osteology, and Anatomy

Putting priceless artifacts in the hands of undergrads.

Nostalgia Box

Machine-learning based digital memory soup

Volumetric Cinema

Cinematic experiments with volumetric displays

Printing Sounds

Audio waveforms made tangible.