Aubrey Simonson

Hi! I'm a virtual reality interaction designer and researcher focused on how we select/manipulate/carry objects, move around, type, and represent out bodies in VR.

I recently graduated from the MIT Media Lab, in the Fluid Interfaces group, where I wrote a thesis called An Integrated System for Interaction in Virtual Environments, which can be found on dSpace.

I currently TA for 2.S972: Virtualizing the Human Body at MIT and AFVS157L: Immersive Experience as Art at Harvard. I also work on some of the ideas listed on the future projects page of this website.

× Projects Active and Future Projects Resume Useful Tools

Bird Noticing

A virtual reality video game about bird watching.


A way to carry things in virtual reality.


A one-handed tool for controlling an arbitrary point in 3D space.

Anna Karenina Train

A historically accurate re-creation of the train from the novel in virtual reality.

Ceramics in Context

A hands-on exploration of the MFA's tea wares.


A digital representation of an analog library.

Virtual Learning Environments in Evolution, Osteology, and Anatomy

Putting priceless artifacts in the hands of undergrads.

Nostalgia Box

Machine-learning based digital memory soup

Volumetric Cinema

Cinematic experiments with volumetric displays


Using Weak Social Ties to Drive Voter Turnout (During a Pandemic)

Printing Sounds

Audio waveforms made tangible.